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  • Access to IXL Practice

    IXL Resource

    Practice makes perfect!!! It's visual, it's pretty and fun~

    Flashcard Factory (Math Term-Word Bank)

    Collaborate and Build the memorable falshcard that could relate to you. You are paired up and work together with your teammate to create dynamic and engaging flashcards. You and your team collaborate to illustrate and define terms, making learning vocab an active and social experience!

    Access to Mr. C Math Sheets

    Mr. C Math Information & Resource Sheets

    Math related worksheets and info that are suggested by Mr. C

    Access to the Gradebook

    Mr. C's Gradebook

    Access to the class gradebook

    Enrolling yourself with a step by step instruction.

    Access to Moodle

    An online classroom management system designed to help learners to access their class information and learning material, including open textbook, videos, practice problems. Students can complete their tests here remotely as well.

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    H.S.E. & C.M.P. Math Test Prep Classes

    What does the class offer?


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    Math... Who Needs It?!

    A High School Diploma in hand, it opens the door for you to receive multiple opportunities.

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    When Opportunity Knocks, Will You be Ready to Open the Door?

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    You only Live Once! Time is Money=Math!

    Mathematics and science coursetaking in high school is a strong predictor of students’ overall educational success.

    "The highest level of mathematics reached in high school continues to be a key marker in precollegiate momentum, with the tipping point of momentum toward a bachelor’s degree now firmly above Algebra 2.”

    Access to GED & HiSET Info

    GED & HiSET Math Preparation

    A free 10-week class that is designed to help you achieve your goal.

    Learn how to overcome Test Anxiety!

    Problem solving & test taking strategies!

    Get hands-on test practices by modules with an expert math instructor & gain test taking strategies & improve your problem solving skills in 8 weeks.

    Students who complete the entire class are eligible for a DISCOUNT on their HiSET exam at Hamilton.

    Discount on HiSET exam @ Hamilton

    Students who complete the entire class are eligible for a DISCOUNT on their HiSET exam at Hamilton.

    Learn more about Accuplacer

    Accuplacer Math Test (C.M.P.)

    ACCUPLACER is a suite of tests that determines your knowledge in math, reading and writing as you prepare to enroll in college-level courses.

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