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    Here you can find the class lessons helping you better engage with number sense and have a bit fun with numbers/mathematics.

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    (Lesson 02/15/17)

    Slope-Intercept Form

    Click the globe to play the 7 mins lesson on what slope-intercept form is!

    Click to play how to convert standard form to slope-intercept form

    (Lesson 02/15/17) Converting Standard to Slope-Intercept Form

    Click the icon to play the lesson on converting standard form to slope-intercept form.

    Click to learn what point-slope form is

    (Lesson 02/15/17)

    Point-Slope Form

    Click the graph to play the lesson on what point-slope form is.

    Click to learn what Pythagorean Theorem is

    (Lesson 02/22/17)

    Pythagorean Theorem

    Click the scissors to play the lesson on what Pythagorean Theorem is

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